Last Updated: March 02, 2021

Preparing for the GRE Test

The GRE test is taken by students who aspire to enroll in graduate and business schools from all over the world. The students who take the test can be from differing educational backgrounds and can be applying for any course ranging from a master’s degree to a doctoral degree. The scores students receive in GRE supplements their undergraduate records, other qualifying studies they have done and the recommendation letter they submit for obtaining admission.

The test is provided by ETS in more than 160 countries through over 1000 different test centers. The exam contains questions that measure the kind of thinking skills the student may require in business and law schools. This is done by assessing the performance of the student in the different sections of verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing.

Preparing for the test can be tricky, but having mastered that, it is trickier to get through the day without knowing what is expected of you on the test day.

What are the GRE Test Center Procedures?

There are a few important procedures that is done at the test center before the test. This includes the proctors confirming your identity through the documents you provide and directing the students to empty their pockets and to keep their possessions in the lockers provided. The general procedures followed are as follows:

Bringing Valid Identity Documents

Providing valid identity proof before the test is an essential step at the test center. The inability to provide a valid ID that matches the details you have provided during the registration of the test ensures that you will not be permitted to take the test.

Materials that are permitted in the test center

When most materials are not permitted within the premises of the test center during the test, students are allowed to carry,

Materials to leave in the lockers provided

Students are required to empty their pockets before the test and leave their belongings in the locker provided by the test center. Students can lock away their things and keep the key during the test. However, this does not imply that the examinee can bring anything and everything into the test center. Bring only essentials and lock them away during the test.

Materials that are NOT permitted during the GRE test

It is to be noted that students will not be permitted to even carry money with them into the exam hall. While essentials can be locked away in the test center lockers, there are things that students are not required to bring at all. This will avoid the hassle of transferring the materials into the locker and wasting precious time. These things are:

Things to do on the test day

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