List of Universities/programs not requiring GRE

Following is list of some Universities where GRE is not required for admission for International (or In-state) students.

  • Electrical Engineering and computer science.

    Washington State University
  • Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

    Drexel University
  • MS in Data Science
  • MS in Information systems
  • MS in Software Engineering

    Clarkson University
  • MS in Engineering and Management Systems

    University of Dayton
  • Engineering

    Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Engineering

    George Mason University
  • Applied Information Technology (MS)
  • Civil & Infrastructure Engineering (MS)
  • Computer Forensics (MS)

    University of Washington
  • Civil Engineering (MS)

    University of Maryland
  • Engineering: Professional Master of Engineering (ENPM)

    Iowa State University
  • Chemical and Biological Engineering (ME)
  • Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering (ME)
  • Systems Engineering (ME)

    University of Minnesota
  • Civil Engineering (MS)

    Brown University
  • Biomedical Engineering

    South Dakota State University
  • Mechanical Engineering (MS)
  • Computer Science (MS)

    North Carolina State University
  • Landscape Architecture

    Tufts University
  • Engineering Management

    Brandeis University
  • Computer Science (MA/MS)

    Portland State University
  • Mechanical and Materials Engineering

    New Mexico State University
  • Economics, Applied Statistics and International Business

    University of Maryland, Baltimore County
  • Geographic Information Systems (MS)
  • Applied Sociology

    University of Arizona
  • Economic Geology

    University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Industrial and Management Systems Engineering

    University of Pittsburgh
  • Material Science & Engg.

    University of Michigan
  • InterPro-Integrated Microsystems

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