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Sentence Equivalence Test -1

DIRECTIONS: Select the two answer choices that, when used to complete the sentence, fit the meaning of the sentence as a whole and produce completed sentences that are alike in meaning.

1. It was a surprise to everyone at the company when a manager known for his strict abidance to rules was himself the subject of an _________.
A) award
B) investigation
C) honor
D) accolade
E) inquiry
F) incentive

2. Stagnancy of the economy does not necessarily indicate advancement; periods of inactivity have been known to be followed by _________ economic growth.
A) increasing
B) decreasing
C) progressing
D) unpredictable
E) unforeseen
F) declining

3. A study of Native American histories reveals a curious lack of records about these minority cultures: the smaller the population, the less _________ the record appears to be.
A) unfinished
B) incomplete
C) interesting
D) thorough
E) engaging
F) detailed

4. The Supreme Court's controversial ruling on the high-profile case led to fears that there would be social _________.
A) harmony
B) restlessness
C) quietude
D) restiveness
E) indifference
F) disinterestedness

5. Although praised by critics, the award-winning filmmaker's new movie has a poorly-written script and unimaginative cinematography that make it _________.
A) laudatory
B) censorious
C) appealing
D) disappointing
E) meritorious
F) displeasing

6. Many astrophysicists still believe that Pluto possesses characteristics typical of planets in our solar system and that the argument devaluing Pluto's status as a planet is _________.
A) valid
B) laudatory
C) praiseworthy
D) invalid
E) questionable
F) plausible

7. Despite their focus on the squalid conditions surrounding his child protagonists, Dickens' novels also have a distinct sense of _________: they often depict the aesthetic value of scenic backdrops.
A) squalor
B) criticism
C) shabbiness
D) beauty
E) disapproval
F) splendor

8. The magnificence of Bach's Goldberg Variations is often _________ by the composer's predilection for improvisation, which is so frequently used that many musicologists believe that it diminishes the value of the classical elements of his work.

A) overshadowed
B) enhanced
C) enriched
D) dominated
E) critiqued
F) appraised

9. The ruling government is unable to reach an agreement on the issue of nuclear disarmament because its many factions have held to their _________ views on the topic.
A) incongruent
B) conflicting
C) common
D) pedestrian
E) hackneyed
F) trifling

10. The presidential candidate's electoral speech was seen as _________ by many commentators since his argument consisted of disparate points and did not seem to possess an overall line of reasoning.
A) persuasive
B) cogent
C) whimsical
D) engaging
E) laudable
F) capricious

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