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Sentence Completion Test -1

DIRECTIONS: Select the two answer choices that, when used to complete the sentence, fit the meaning of the sentence as a whole and produce completed sentences that are alike in meaning.

1. The sciences often have numerous grants for research and development of knowledge, but the humanities do not appear to have _________ sources of funding.
A) insufficient
B) limited
C) adequate
D) partial
E) infrequent

2. Most management courses do not allow much room for individuals to express their subjective opinions since it is believed that administrative leaders must be able to evaluate situations with a point of view that is _________ .
A) personal
B) uninterested
C) idiosyncratic
D) unbiased
E) pedagogical

3. Prominent investors of the pharmaceutical company considered the new drug so (i)_________ that the company's board of directors agreed to (ii)_________ its production.
Blank (i)
A) promising
B) unviable
C) exciting
Blank (ii)
D) discuss
E) disburse
F) discontinue

4. Most television programs are often (i) _________ for their plots and characters: critics observe that among their failings is their (ii) _________ view of reality.
Blank (i)
A) appreciated
B) criticized
C) exalted
Blank (ii)
D) pragmatic
E) spurious
F) creative

5. The investigative news reporter's inside story on the misuse of funds intended for public welfare (i)_________ the idea of the government as (ii)_________ entity that prioritizes the well-being of the country's people.
Blank (i)
A) discloses
B) uncovers
C) contradicts
Blank (ii)
D) a benevolent
E) an imprudent
F) a malevolent

6. Expecting to receive only a limited amount of information in their surveys conducted on the eve of the national budgetary hearing, analysts were _________ at the plethora of statistics they were able to gather.
A) dismayed
B) disappointed
C) cautious
D) exalted
E) elated

7. Despite rising hope that environmentalists� efforts will stem the exploitation of natural resources, critics have warned that current efforts to conserve such resources will prove to be _________ solutions at best.
A) untimely
B) temporary
C) absolute
D) thorough
E) successful

8. Paradoxically, the same company that is publicly so (i) _________ corruption has been identified in an investigation by a popular newsgroup as (ii) _________ in a case involving bribes accepted by several senior-level management personnel.
Blank (i)
A) critical of
B) indifferent to
C) synonymous with
Blank (ii)
D) blameless
E) culpable
F) parochial

9. That both the humanities and the sciences are invested in exploring both intellectual and quantifiable areas of research (i)_________ the belief that these fields are (ii)_________.
Blank (i)
A) debunks
B) accentuates
C) emphasizes
Blank (ii)
D) significant
E) abstruse
F) antithetical

10. In an age in which (i)_________ messages on popular social media are the most widespread form of interpersonal communication, it is (ii)_________ to find that many schoolchildren are still drawn to reading books in print.
Blank (i)
A) traditional
B) pithy
C) opaque
Blank (ii)
D) gratifying
E) disappointing
F) antagonistic

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