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Last Updated: March 09, 2021

Manhattan vs. Magoosh: Cracking the GRE code

The American education system requires a student to have completed 12 years of school education and an undergraduate study of four years before stepping into a Master’s program. Those intending to continue their education with postgraduate studies often have a lot to gain by appearing for the Graduate Record Examination or GRE. Scores earned in this examination helps universities determine merit, scholarship and fellowship grants for students, while some others use these scores to determine a cut-off point for applications.

Since the exam is of utmost importance for all aspiring students, there are different preparation methods that can be opted. Unlike exams like TOEFL or IELTS, students do not incline towards self-prep due to the importance of the quantitative section in the exam. Even the section of Analytical Writing which deals with essay writing demands a very specific approach toward framing the answer in order to achieve desirable scores. Choosing a GRE preparation course that deals with which type of exam the student opts and has reasonable costs then becomes a challenge.

Types of GRE Tests
There are two sets of tests that determine a student's overall GRE score. Between these two, scores of the General Test hold greater weight since subject scores are extremely specific and can only make the student display their strengths and weakness in that particular subject per se. The General Test offers a wider range for admission and fellowship panels to judge the competence of the student.

Manhattan GRE and Magoosh GRE

Tens and thousands of students apply for the GRE examinations every year due to their determination of stepping into post-graduate and doctoral courses with top universities in the USA. In a bid to assist self-study to crack the GRE code with proper book guidance, the 2 top GRE Prep courses, Manhattan and Magoosh have released a series of books with extensive study material, model test papers, and useful tips.

Student will be able to find the cost differences, essential prep materials, online course information and other details regarding these two preparation giants to aid their journey in cracking GRE.

Prep Books from Manhattan and Magoosh



Price Ranges of Manhattan and Magoosh

Magoosh offers courses for as less a time as 1 month for $129 and a 6-month course for $149 containing online access, practice questions and exams, video lessons, flashcards and even more. It is considered to be the most affordable option available for the high quality shown.

Manhattan offers a course for GRE for MBA at $1599, a complete course starting at $1399, Math course for $799 and other on demand courses. These courses can be opted by even taking 1-month or a 6-month access.

The courses offered by Magoosh is half the price of that of Manhattan but this is because Manhattan offers more material in their courses. Choosing between them can be based on either under economic conditions or under academic conditions.

Practice Materials Offered by Manhattan and Magoosh


Test-takers who have sought after both these test-prep giants state that the choice between Magoosh and Manhattan is one between quality and quantity. Students that believe they require an extra number of practice questions and other related prep materials can choose Manhattan whereas those who focus on quality content regarding the key concepts can choose Magoosh.

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