Manhattan vs. Magoosh: Cracking the GRE code

The American education system requires a student to have completed 12 years of school education and an undergraduate study of four years before stepping into a Masters program. Those intending to continue education with postgraduate studies need to appear for the Graduate Record Examination or GRE. Scores earned in this examination helps universities determine merit, scholarship and fellowship grants for students, while some others use these scores to determine a cut-off point for applications.

Types of GRE Tests
There are two sets of tests that determine a student's overall GRE score. Between these two, scores of the General Test hold greater weight.

About Manhattan GRE

Tens and thousands of students apply for the GRE examinations every year, determined to step into post graduation and doctoral courses with top universities in the USA. In a bid to assist self-study to crack the GRE code with proper book guidance, Manhattan has released a series of eight books with extensive study material, model test papers, and useful tips.

Subject matter expertise of Manhattan GRE

Created for those students who enjoy studying from books, each book of the Manhattan GRE series is dedicated to a particular subject. This ensures that all concepts are explained in detail in various chapters. Rife with examples that make understanding easy, the language of the Manhattan GE series is kept straightforward and conversational. Students can review their understanding of each concept by answering questions spelled out at the end of every chapter. This pattern of book education gives students a feel of studying with a knowledgeable tutor.

After a student finishes studying an entire subject, he/she can make use of the model question papers printed at the end of every book to review their understanding. These question papers are modeled on the GRE format, which ensures that students are trained in all avenues requisite of the GRE Test.

Manhattan's GRE Test preparation format offers all its students a unique code mentioned at the end of its books that allows them to take six mock tests online. These tests come with comprehensive explanations at the end of each question that makes understanding easier. Many students depending on Manhattan GRE books to prepare for the big examination often choose books that hold the concept type questions that also gives them access to the online mock tests.

Advantages of Magoosh GRE

The Magoosh GRE preparation model works great for those prospective postgraduates who are looking for a more personalized experience in studying. Magoosh offers video lectures that allow students to listen and enjoy the privilege of visual lessons that make learning all the more interesting. At the end of every lesson, students are offered practice tests that cover all aspects, from basics to advanced practices. Besides, these tests also include a few questions with video representations that help students gain a deeper insight into the subject and improve their analytical skills. Since Magoosh offers GRE lessons over videos, there is also a provision made to clarify doubts. Students can email their questions to a team of experts at Magoosh and can receive answers at a quick turnaround time.

With the world going the mobile way and many students hooked onto Smartphones, Magoosh has made provisions to provide lessons over mobile phones too. This allows learning on the go and is especially useful for undergraduate students who travel long distances and can afford to utilize this time to prepare for the GRE Test.

Magoosh GRE's mock tests offer video explanations after every question. This method is not only engaging but also ensures students understand the concept thoroughly, pushing them towards high percentile scores. Since Magoosh GRE lessons are primarily online, students are offered the facility to track their study schedule on the net. What is more, the GRE practice tests provided by Magoosh are timed and hence, offer students a real-time experience, preparing them wholly for the D-day.

A combination strategy

There are some subjects for which detailed book lessons make the best teachers, and there are those others that become interesting studies through video lectures. Students appearing for the GRE examinations can opt for a combination study of these two to make the best of both worlds.

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