Comparison between Magoosh and Economist GRE Course

The Graduate Record Examination has become the benchmark for many institutions in the United States to standardize the entire admission process. Many online preparatory courses are now available with the help of which you can prepare for GRE anytime anywhere at your pace. Two of the most popular and user-friendly programs available are those offered by Magoosh and Economist. Here is a look at what both has to offer and which one might be the right GRE course for you.

Benefits of Economist GRE Course

You get live support for all your queries, and there is even a seven day free trial for you. Add to it the fact that you can learn to tackle each section of the GRE, and the course tells you about the different question types in each section. There is adaptive learning technology, and the course designs itself according to the things that you need to learn the most. The best part is that you can start learning from anywhere, and all you need is a PC and a working internet connection.

Benefits of Magoosh GRE Course

You can practice all types of GRE questions, and there are even videos to help you. You can study anywhere, even from a smartphone, and statistically, Magoosh students score at least 6 points more on each section than other GRE takers - that is indeed quite a lot! You also have access to the top quality study materials that is regularly updated.

Magoosh Versus Economist: A Comparison

A comparison is drawn between these two most opted courses to make it easier for the candidate to invest in the right kind of course.

Both the courses are designed keeping in mind the actual GRE examination. The syllabus and the lesson content of the course match perfectly with that of the main GRE conducted by the ETS. Both the courses offer a 7-day money back guarantee that is you can have a trial sign up for seven days post which you can get a refund if the course content is unsatisfactory.

The learning schedules for both these courses are flexible in nature which allows you to study as per your convenience and at your pace.

Both the courses have a mobile app with a user-friendly interface making learning more interactive for candidates. With this mobile app, you can learn your lessons on the go. Ample numbers of online videos on various topics are provided along with the course which is designed to attract the interest of the students. The concepts are explained in plain and straightforward language giving the student a personalized touch in learning the concepts. Videos are provided which explains the solution of all problems asked in the practice tests, These videos engage the student in learning and understand the concept better so that he/she can excel in the main examination.

In Economist the difficulty level of the questions in the full-length practice tests does not match with the real ETS guide. Instead in Magoosh, the level of the questions is much similar to the ones who actually come for the main examination.

The practice tests offered by Economist are adaptive in nature which means that the difficulty level of the next question is decided by the answer you give for the current question. For example, if your answer to the current question is correct the difficulty level of the next question will increase and vice versa. However, in the case of Magoosh, this is not the case. The level of the questions is similar throughout the test.

Magoosh is meant for students who wish to improve their verbal skills whereas Economist is based on science to develop your analytical skills. After all lessons in Magoosh, an online examination has to be taken up to check on your progress which also sharpens your core and advanced skills. Such kind of facility is absent in the case of Economist. A full-length examination covering the entire syllabus is provided along with the course.

Although Economist provides many online preparatory lessons an investment to buy the Magoosh online course would prove to be a good buy as compared to Economist. Thus if you are planning to buy an online preparatory course soon this comparison between the two most popular courses would prove to be beneficial for you.

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