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Not everyone can crack the GRE. But then, you aren't one of them, right? When it comes to cracking the GRE, you do know that you need to make the right moves. Unfortunately, GRE is tough to crack, and you need to employ all the good ways of studying, including self-studying, attending coaching classes to hone your skills and even may be required to hire a personal tutor. If you are struggling to find the right GRE prep class for you, here is a small list for you that might help..

Studying and preparing for GRE may seem an up healing task but when it comes to experts, the candidate can be rest assured to score the best than the others. Well-structured and tactical plans will assist the student to achieve higher GRE scores and eventually get placed in better universities or better jobs.

GRE classes are available in plenty, and if you are living in the States, you would probably be looking at the different options. Here is a look at few of the options.

Manhattan Prep

Promising to impart an excellent curriculum with some of the best teachers, Manhattan Prep has something for every student's needs. Be it online courses, private tutoring, complete courses or aiding in self-study; students can start off with Manhattan Prep easily. There are free resources available on the site, and regular seminars are held as well. The Complete Course consists of 9 weeks while the Self Study preparation program costs $499 currently.

Princeton Review GRE Test Preparation

What better way to start off your GRE preparation than to look at Princeton Review? You can either choose the Private tutoring option, a study in small groups, a classroom, have your self-paced course or just study online quickly. The Small group classes have only four students per batch. You can save $150 on the GRE Ultimate Course, and course start dates differ.

Kaplan GRE Test Prep

Kaplan is your other go-to place for your GRE studies. Kaplan too offers the regular ways of teaching for students, including private tutoring, classroom batches, online courses and even take classes as and when you need it.

The Classroom on Site course consists of eight classes and will cost you $1,299 while the Classroom Anywhere (online) that consist of 8 live sessions, will have you pay up $99. Private tutoring will mean you are paying a good $2,499.

Some other popular online courses are from Magoosh, PowerScore, Sherwood Test Prep.

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