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Last Updated: November 03, 2023

GRE General Test at Home

GRE is a competitive exam offered by ETS for students planning to pursue their studies in graduate and professional schools along with business and law. The test can be taken by students all over the world and can have different educational and cultural backgrounds. It is offered in around 160 countries and is conducted continuously throughout the year.

The GRE test includes three question types which are verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing. They measure the candidates' ability to analyze and draw conclusions from the information they provide, to understand and interpret quantitative information along with critical thinking, and the ability to articulate complex ideas with proper reasoning.

The test used to be conducted online or in a paper format in various test centers all over the world. However, during the pandemic, ETS provided students with the option of attempting the test from their homes. Because test takers responded well, ETS maintained this test mode as the default. This page will provide the test-takers with all the information required about the GRE test at Home.

Understanding how GRE Test at Home Works

Students can choose to take the exam at home rather than in a testing facility thanks to an option provided by ETS. During the pandemic, this option was made available. It is accessible twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and individuals can take the test as soon as register.

With this option, candidates can work on the same system they have been using to prepare for the test on their own schedule. As long as it satisfies ETS's requirements, candidates are free to remain in their comfort zone and can overcome the anxiety that comes with physically being in the test center.

Equipment Required for Test

One of the complications test-takers can face while opting for the Home-based test is not possessing the right kind of equipment they require. The requirements regarding equipment are as follows:

Environment Required for the Test

ETS specifies the kind of environment that is ideal for the test and this includes factors like privacy, how their tabletop and seating should be,test-takers' appearance during the test, and the materials they can keep with them.

Steps to take before the Test

How to Register?



Test Day Information

Receiving the Score Report

The GRE General Test at Home differs from the Online Test only in the way it is conducted. The post-test procedures regarding the score and sending reports remain the same as the other formats.

How to Apply for Re-test?

If the candidates find that their scores aren’t satisfactory for the colleges they have applied to, they can always apply for a retest and take the test with a better idea of what to expect. Procedures for applying for a retest are as follows:

If someone living in Mainland China wants to take the GRE at home, they should CLICK HERE to learn more about the requirements and guidelines for doing so in their nation.

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