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Usage for volubility

I mean, we knew it had art-house appeal, but what we didn't know was the quality and volubility of its devotees. And I'm not even counting the BFCA's Critics Choice Awards, which bestowed eight nominations on Nicolas Winding Refn's violent, ...

Yet while the Egyptians, Koreans, Colombians and French all commented on a host of themes with varying degrees of passion and volubility, it was often the same segment that monosyllabically toiled through the topics: the students from Japan.

And he did it with a volubility that could be scary. A week before he died, I spent several hours with Lewis and his wife of 38 years, Mary Balthrop.

And rising up, for his reputedly impossible second tour across the center of the sky, is former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, a testimony to Gingrich's wide experience and boundless volubility and to widespread Republican desperation to find an ...

... jazz recipients as close as possible toward acceptable American show business that Rose Kennedy herself might have approved and away from those outlaws whose lives had a bit more disorder and volubility than might be comfortable in prime time TV.