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Usage for sawdust

Hours of work and thousands of dollars in repairs and improvements were reduced to a pile of timber and sawdust recently when vandals destroyed signs and historical markers at Stones Bridge canoe landing, about half a mile north of the Highland Town ...

by DEREK HODGES Bill Allison and his pal Sawdust have given up on national tours, content now just to bring a smile for shoppers at the Sevierville Kroger as they help the Salvation Army.

Pictured are Robbie Windham (center) of Sawdust Road Baptist Church and Kathy Latz (left) and Lacy Embley (right) of MCWC during a recent 'Handbags of Hope' banquet at the church.

There's sawdust on the big machines: a table saw, a band saw, a drill press and a sanding machine. There's no buzzing or banging going on, but there will be.