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Usage for retinue

By Jean H. Lee and Matthew Pennington AP A final photograph of Kim Jong-il, released Saturday, shows North Korea's “Dear Leader” in a Pyongyang grocery store with a retinue that includes his son-successor, Kim Jong-un (right on the first step with two ...

The towering broken arches under which the Magi and their retinue pay their respects can be seen as representing the old pagan world about to be replaced by the Christian church: but Botticelli loves these ruins.

Roza Otunbayeva's brainchild in Kyrgyzstan is being destroyed by her retinue, the member of the Commission for Public Watchdog Councils Members Selection, Rita Karasartova, stated at today's public hearings on work of the Ministry of Transport and ...

There were Ukrainian media reports, referring to reliable presidential retinue sources, to the effect that this private meeting would dot the I's and cross the T's in the gas saga.

The YMCA has a lap pool, water slide, basketball courts and a kids gym, not to mention a retinue of fitness classes running throughout Christmas Eve.