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Usage for privation

The American people, above all, should not suffer privation. Privation costs votes. The immense financial cost was incurred off the books to be reckoned with at some future date, so Congress didn't have to wrangle publicly over financing.

50 million live below the poverty line, another 100 million “near-poverty” that are just one misfortune from privation.

If both her wishes become policy, biologists would say that the particular species she cares about would endure extreme privation. We are all human; we like some things and abhor others. I for example, hate ballet, won't sit still for it, ...

Although outlook for textile was fairly positive at the beginning of FY11, the sector had to face privation with intensified power outages and gas shortages.

The neurotic regards stillness as a privation of movement, and silence as a structural flaw in the everlasting flow of noise.