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Usage for polemic

Srinagar June 28 The chairman of Hurriyat Conference G Syed Ali Shah Geelani has appealed to the Ulema of all schools of thought to desist from conducting polemics and discourses on the differences of secondary importance nbsp The Ulema should not ...

Despite some cycles are not satisfied with this result, yet some cycles ask KPU to remain focus on gubernatorial election phase and not to focus over DPT polemic because it can disturb the phase process. Chairman of Democratic Party for Jakarta ...

Vincent Berger, president of Diderot University in Paris, is investigating a question “of a polemic nature” which was posed to students of the Bichat.

That's because it's the only polemic in the festival. By definition, a polemic is “the art or practice of disputation or controversy.

In the polemic on climate change science (“Science held hostage”, AFR June 22), Professor Garth Paltridge makes the same mistake he claims the extreme wing of climate activists are making - he grossly over-states the argument.