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Usage for plod

Yet, it is a wonder that it manages to plod on in this creativity-stifling environment. Then there is the buzz about the sudden death of one of the artists, Emmanuel Inua, which cast a pall on the opening ceremonies, albeit, briefly.

If you've watched WBO welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao plod his way through his last four fights you may have noticed that his legs are no longer there, and that he can no longer jump around from side to side like he did two years ago.

Holt's prose tends to plod, and readers who lack a grounding in the intricacies of Unitarian theology will find themselves stranded for long stretches in a literary limbo.

The Wildcats plod into the stadium to “Enter Sandman,” just like the Hokies. When Mountain View junior receiver-defensive back DaeSean Hamilton returned to school after a recruiting trip to Blacksburg, he joked to the coaches, “They play the song we ...