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Usage for pilferer

By Scott Beaulieu Police in South Windsor are investigating the case of the alleged fragrant felon or maybe the accused perfume pilferer. John Browdy, 52, of South Windsor, is accused of stealing $320 worth of perfume from a local CVS on Buckland Road ...

But his premature return has obviously helped the dynamic ball-carrier and pilferer recover sufficiently. It's rather tough on the admirable Burden, who had started the last two matches of the tour and starred in both of them.

He is the second leading pilferer in Super Rugby behind Pocock, whom he studied while learning the craft of a No.7 at Gregory Terrace, and easily topped the tackle count (22) in the Reds' last match.

I'm not sure that "Three-Point Township" or "Pilferer's Province" would look great on a T-shirt, but at least there'd be more truth in the advertising.

But against the Reds, the home team had so much front-foot oomph and retained their own ball so much better than they did in the earlier defeat to the Blues that having a low-centre-of-gravity, particularly mobile pilferer didn't turn out to be a major ...