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Usage for palaver

The two friends were fighting over the left-over yam and palaver sauce they had prepared, but the deceased, John Ackom, a resident of Odorkor, was rendered unconscious when one of the suspects, Francis Awuah, 25, accidentally hit him with a stick he ...

This time we can be a bit smug for a few hours in D4 and revel in the hype and palaver Giovanni Trapattoni has helped create.

Remember the whole palaver over what apps were uploading your contacts address book? It turned out not only to be small, bit part companies but huge app manufacturers and developers such as Foursquare and Facebook.

"Who determines who goes to palaver hut and who doesn't go to palaver hut? Because those who aided and abetted are the key figures, if they have not sponsored and brought arms, we would not come forth to fight.