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Usage for ossified

Ideas are no longer posed as hypotheses, as they were at the beginning of the Renaissance, but as articles of faith. And, perhaps, with China's example, a healthy acceptance of plurality offers a chance for the West to rejuvenate its ossified ...

ROME (Reuters) - Matteo Renzi, the fresh faced mayor of Florence who wants to shake up Italy's ossified political establishment, is slick, dynamic, and above all young.

Pete Stark's defeat after four decades in Congress showed how two big election reforms have rattled California's ossified party politics. A new primary system that sends the two candidates with the most votes to the November election regardless of ...

Mercedes-Benz calls its G-wagen an automotive icon, which is roughly translated as ÔÇťancient and ossified but the tooling's paid for.

After indulging in some smirking about Diane Sawyer appearing ossified, and some schadenfreude about Karl Rove in denial on election night, it's time to sober up and consider that portion of the USA who re-elected Barack Obama.