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Usage for mendacious

Wallowing in self-pity, I took myself off to one of the charming villages of Marin County, found a Country Kitchen-like restaurant, sat down to the Thanksgiving Special, and gave absolutely no thanks for the mendacious accountant who had run off with ...

What is the most mendacious medium? We get an answer, in early word of a study to be published in next March's issue of the Journal of Business Ethics.

It pinned the blame on the interior ministry - now led by an opposition figure - calling witness and news accounts of pro-Saleh troops shooting protesters "baseless, mendacious claims that are part of a vicious media campaign ... against the defense ...

Sounds like Mendacious Mike. “You can read textbooks,” said Ms. Bertone-Gross, a self-described people ponderer who most recently worked for a startup and whose résumé includes illustrator, sports club manager and marketing and communications.

The Pulitzer Prize-winning is supposed to be a neutral referee in the mendacious political arena, but a decision to side with Republicans on 2011's “Lie of the Year” has Paul Krugman pronouncing the fact-checking organization dead.