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Usage for inured

ëëThank you, YouTube.íí Mike and Ginger Milburyís two sons, Jake and 11-year-old JP, have grown accustomed, though not inured, to such comments. Mike said yesterday that he continually instructs them to ignore the comments and simply ëëplay through ...

Filipinos live with corruption every day, to the point that many have become inured to it. So much so that, even when the government tries to do something about it, the question on many people's lips is, who benefits?

It is so relentlessly awful, biased and reflexively pc that many viewers become inured to its excesses. Yet Orla Guerin's report from Pakistan is quite extraordinary - even for the BBC.

by Jeric Griffin The Dallas Cowboys won't miss inured running back DeMarco Murray this week. That doesn't mean his absence won't be apparent, but the Cowboys' matchup with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers bodes well for Felix Jones.