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Usage for insurrection

... from the Libertarian Party issued the following statement regarding the National Defense Authorization Act: The United States is now a battlefield, not because of any invading army, foreign enemy, or civil insurrection, but by an act of Congress.

Now, the NY Times reveals that the Starbucks Pee Panic of 2011 was spurred by mini-insurrections at certain Starbucks locations, and indeed not any widespread city policy shift.

VETERAN broadcaster Dennis McComie said yesterday he was “very angry” by the indifference shown by former opposition leader, Patrick Manning, when he spoke to him during the July 27, 1990, insurrection. “I was desperately trying to get in contact with ...

Anti-abortion-rights groups are seeing a grassroots insurrection over legal tactics from supporters who want quicker results, The New York Times reports.

Newly uncovered emails and documents from Citigroup (C) that FOX Business has obtained reveal that Citi executives were in open insurrection against top management over risky, speculative investments that failed in spectacular fashion in early 2008, ...