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Usage for imperative

What this implies is that subsidy withdrawal is an economic policy imperative which past governments either half-heartedly addressed and abandoned midway due to sustained opposition pressures from certain quarters or ignored due to populist ...

Both of those I think are absolutely imperative at this moment in time, given the way the global crisis is looking like it's going to unfold in the next few years.

It is imperative he now passes on his knowledge, experience and insight so that, hopefully, someone else will soon be able to handle that relentless glare with similar effortless cool.

In light of the US Postal Service's filing with the Postal Regulatory Commission this week and a proposed change in standards governing First-Class Mail, it's now imperative that the USPS meets the delivery standards upon which Americans will now plan ...

For most of the year, US lawmakers follow political, and often partisan, imperatives when conducting the nation's business.