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Usage for hubris

He suggests that he was a victim of years of arrogant hubris within the party leadership. Newman believes the Liberal catastrophe was brewing for decades, from Trudeau's alienation of Quebec and the West, to Jean Chr├ętien's elevation of deficit ...

By Joan Vennochi IN ONE moment of candor tinged with a touch of hubris, Elizabeth Warren suggested that she provided the intellectual foundation for the Occupy Wall Street movement.

The FSA report doesn't really tell us anything we didn't already know, or at least guess, about the RBS collapse, but it does act as an important record of the hubris of the times. The catalogue of recklessness, errors and misjudgments is quite ...

This would go to the heart of the former governors insatiable desire for attention due to his hubris and uncontrollable narcissism,Appropriate and not nearly so hard on his wife and children who have also been victimized.