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Usage for gerontocracy

In the shot, young Dilma looks pretty and clean-faced, like a freedom-fighter girl taking on a gerontocracy of mighty generals.

The North Korean system, presided over by a gerontocracy, is not set up to accommodate a young man with bold ideas of reform even if it turns out that Kim Jong Eun is inclined in that direction.

The circulation of the elite within parties is a consequence of the strong grip of the political gerontocracy on major political parties in Indonesia today.

was a Russian song that was very popular in the Soviet Union in the early 1980s at a time when the gerontocracy was dying. That slogan expressed the deepest and universal wish of the Soviet population: that the public did not want to continue to live ...

... competition for the award this year being up not so much against other individuals but nominees including a state constitutional provision (the two-thirds vote to raise taxes), a commission (redistricting), and a form of government (gerontocracy).