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Usage for festoon

Mugs of good coffee and herbal teas are available, though (to me, oddly) plain sugar isn't. Guest DJ's liven the atmosphere; so do wonderfully silly touches, like the 1940s-style tablecloths that festoon each table. All in all, the combo made a groggy ...

For devices with only wired internet connectivity, they do away with the need to festoon your skirting boards with cables from the router.

The sticky steam will festoon all your cobwebs, ceilings and show you no mercy. You will become tired of inhaling the sticky sweetness.

Countless bolts of fabric dazzle the eye with a rainbow of shimmery offerings that appear destined to festoon a six-foot-tall model sashaying down one of Tel Aviv fashion runways.

Split off from the 3-series a year ago, the 4-series carries the banner of being the nameplate to festoon its small coupes.