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Usage for dullard

When all the scores were reported, it was Bigfork's Kate Dullard that stood out in front of the pack at the Section 7A Golf Championships at Giant's Ridge in Biwabik.

Nobody could accuse Nikolay Davydenko of being a dullard. The Russian has survived contested match-fixing allegations, enlivened the upper reaches of the world rankings for four years with his quirky world view and when asked to talk about Andy Murray, ...

He has not raced since finishing second in the group one Dullard Cup at Melton, Melbourne, on February 17. His trainer, Murray Tapper, was pleased with Phil's Gift's third in the $100000 4-Year-Old Ruby at the Harness Jewels in Cambridge on Saturday.

The narrow world of sports is full of dullard broadcasters and no-necks concussing each other and undiagnosed Asperger-level savants who spend thousands of hours analyzing the efficiency of said no-necks.