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Usage for cravat

The rocker dressed in a grey suit with red cravat, pink shirt and smart shoes while scraping his long hair back into a pony tail.

A dapper dresser whose shoes always shone, Mr Sadler (pictured) often wore a cravat and continued to practise the courtesy of tipping his hat or cap.

Dan Bobby has a walking stick, top hat and, around his neck, a maroon cravat. A Christmas display is in the lobby of the visitors center.

(And it didn't hurt that he looks marvelous in a cravat.) Now here we are again with "Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows," and it's ... a lot like the first one, just longer and more stuffed full of locations and bullets and smartly tattered costumes.

And Burt's old acrobat pal Nick Cravat is on-hand playing Vallo's mute sidekick (the studio wouldn't let him speak on-screen because of his thick New York accent).