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Usage for cornucopia

By Jordan Lanham The 11h annual Cornucopia of Care Food Drive is collecting food items to help O'Fallon families in need for the holidays.

The action at Shamrock Farms is the result of a USDA investigation into organic livestock practices triggered by a complaint from The Cornucopia Institute. CORNUCOPIA, WI - An industrial-scale organic dairy, located south of Phoenix in the desert ...

Civilisation having advanced, there is now a cornucopia of turkeys in the market place. In Washington they range in price from the frozen butterball, 58 cents a pound in the Georgetown “social” Safeway, to $3.99 at Whole Foods, the upmarket chain whose ...

Since the first Thanksgiving occurred, reportedly in 1621, historians and pop culture have spread a cornucopia of tall tales, half truths, and straight-up lies.