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Usage for complaisant

They are complaisant, however, with George W. Bush's tax breaks for the rich and are vehemently opposed to letting them expire.

Some complaisant judges have even ruled it to be so. Now let's see what the Constitution actually says. Perhaps the way it is phrased is so complex, that it is open to many interpretations.

The 16-page Thailand report, entitled "Consolidated internal security state, complaisant judiciary" synthesizes and analyses a number of key human rights issues from throughout the year, including the criminalizing of victims of torture, persecution of ...

You can blame the big companies for buying the small ones, but the small ones were equally as complaisant. Where is your heap of hot coals for them?

Both Zmitser and Arthur sent complaisant to the police back then… I was detained with Dzyanis Karnou on March 25, 2009. They put caps on our faces and made us bend so that we would not see anyone.