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Usage for braggart

He really does seem like a nice young man, he's got a winning smile, he's a former Olympian, he's not cocky, he's not a braggart, but... ...then there's Mares inside the ring, which seems to clash with the image his team wants to create of him.

In his lawsuit, Esebag called the Tunisian designer is "a narcissistic braggart with a sense of grandeur and self-importance that has little relationship to reality.

It's usually good for a laugh when a braggart's boast comes undone. Just don't expect the latest version of that comic comeuppance for North Korea to amuse many folks in South Korea, Japan or even Alaska.

By Rolling Stone Kanye West goes into full-on braggart mode on "Theraflu," a new track produced by Hit Boy scheduled to appear on DJ Khaled's next album.

On the track, she sings adamantly of dismissing braggart men. "I don't really care about your entourage, your bank account or what you think about/ I don't really care about your magic stick.