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Usage for beguile

Marissa Meyer's favorite novels beguile, thrill and, above all, transport younger readers to a Shakespearean magical theater, futuristic Chicago and a netherworld of ghost hunters.

Just as I think I will never need another cookery book, along comes Dan Lepard's Short and Sweet (4th Estate, £25) to tease, delight, beguile and tempt. It is just one of this year's batch of food books I'd like to find in my stocking this Christmas.

By Irene Bowers Bakery treats beguile the senses at Sweet Temptations Dessert Café, newly opened at Town Center Marketplace on Virginia Beach Boulevard.

The ingénue is an established category in Oscar's best actress race: the performer who comes out of nowhere, often with her first film, to charm and beguile audiences and Academy voters. Think Gabourey Sidibe in “Precious,” Jennifer ...

The dilapidated exterior can easily beguile a curious onlooker as to what's going on inside. The courtyard looks exactly like a setting for a science fiction flick - wheels of every size mounted on pedestals, large convex lenses refracting rays of ...