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Usage for auspicious

The Chinese zodiac flags 2012 as the year of the dragon, but investors can't seem to warm up to this auspicious, if mythical, legend.

Mangalore, Dec 17: Continuing with his initiatives to bring the widows, who were so far being discouraged from taking part in auspicious functions, into the mainstream, a large scale programme will be organized under the leadership of former union ...

By Ed Fitzgerald Is there any reason to be a popular rock band if you can't have an auspicious beginning? The Polish Muslims are celebrating their 30th anniversary.

"This year, the birthday anniversary of His Majesty the King on December 5 is a most auspicious occasion as it also marks his seventh completion of the 12 zodiac years cycle," said Purich Mahadamrongkul, managing director of Seiko (Thailand) Co.

KARACHI - On the auspicious occasion of the 40th National Day of Bahrain and 12th ruling year of King Hamad Bin lsa Al Khalifa an event was held here.