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Usage for arcane

WASHINGTON - Congress managed to stuff all sorts of corporate tax breaks and other arcane provisions into the "fiscal cliff" bill that passed Tuesday, covering everything from electric scooters to NASCAR racetracks to taking the subway to work.

LOS ANGELES - A California appeals court overturned the rape conviction of a man who authorities say pretended to be a sleeping woman's boyfriend before initiating intercourse, ruling that an arcane law from 1872 doesn't protect unmarried women in ...

Some aspects of the relationship between landlords and commercial tenants - including stipulations that rents only rise or, at best, stay flat - seem today as arcane and feudal as hiring servants on holy days. The BPF says these leases are dying out.

It takes a brilliant mind to master the art of the arcane, after all. But just because a mage is automatically intelligent, it doesn't mean he's also an insufferable windbag.