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The GRE verbal reasoning section is most difficult and requires maximum preparation (Good vocabulary is key to success). The verbal test is scored on a scale of 130-170, in 1-point increments. GRE Verbal exam has questions on Reading Comprehension, Text Completion, Sentence Equivalence.

The test consists of 1300+ questions. You have to select right synonym.


  having the qualities of a devil
  brief and to the point

Use of diabolical ...
Dancing Prances ridden by Dashrath Singh won the Diabolical Trophy, the main event of the races held here on Thursday (Jan. 3).

Sharyn Graham, who has worked as branch manager for bed company Dreams at the park for nearly three years, said: "Macon Way is diabolical, we do suffer because of the busy roads. "Trying to get a parking space is ridiculous, customers are irate and I ...

In the face of a diabolical ideology, a mere change in Pakistan's foreign policy will bring us nowhere near overcoming of terrorism.

Half of diabolical gang wants gallows. Monday, 24 December 2012 01:34: Staff Reporter | New Delhi. Tweet. Three of the six accused in the south Delhi bus gangrape case again refused to undergo Test Identification Parade (TIP), with two of them ...

Toughest GRE Words

Below are some words (from our collection of 1300+ words) which were answered wrong by most users..
How Important is Verbal GRE?
Lot of international students ask... : I have a good score in TOEFL and if GRE Verbal really important? The short answer is YES. Again to improve vocabulary learn words/synonyms and their usage. Practice as much as you can. Reading quality text is very important(swallowing vocab words may not help a lot).


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shun : keep away from avoid

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