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GRE Verbal Practice Questions

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Build your Vocabulary with more than 1300+ free online practice questions/words

The GRE verbal reasoning section is most difficult and requires maximum preparation (Good vocabulary is key to success). The verbal test is scored on a scale of 130-170, in 1-point increments. GRE Verbal exam has questions on Reading Comprehension, Text Completion, Sentence Equivalence.

The test consists of 1300+ questions. You have to select right synonym.


  out of place; not in harmony or agreement
  unmoved; feeling no sign of passion
  to make thin to make less dense to purify or refine
  intended to instruct

Use of incongruous in news...

An incongruous optimism is etched on the faces of inmates in a workshop at HMP Forest Bank – men who might not be expected to have any prospects of a better life outside. One young man threw away the opportunities presented by a good home and decent ...

It might have seemed somewhat incongruous, at first, for a so-called "gala" — a roundtable discussion on the impact of war on the mental health of service personnel and their families. But the program for Mental Health America of ...

It's incongruous, in a way, the Vietnam Memorial wall standing on the former Pavilion site. Warm, moist evening air carries the smells of food, people, seawater and vehicle exhaust. ...

Such a dynamic and eye-catching sight seems incongruous with the stoic stone façade of the 1854 church building, but it eloquently communicates the point: Peace. On the third anniversary of the start of the Iraq War – March 19, 2006 – the Marble ...

As incongruous as it seems, Florida is now a hotbed for hockey. The Lightning are the face of that resurgence after beating the vaunted Boston Bruins 5-4 in Game 6 at the St. Pete Times Forum on Wednesday night. They are chasing their second Stanley ...

Toughest GRE Words

Below are some words (from our collection of 1300+ words) which were answered wrong by most users..
  • quibble : try to avoid by sophistication
  • arrant : in the highest degree
  • recreancy : cowardly
  • foment : put something warm (to lessen the pain)
  • lucubrate : write in scholarly fashion

How Important is Verbal GRE?
Lot of international students ask... : I have a good score in TOEFL and ..if GRE Verbal really important? The short answer is YES. Again to improve vocabulary learn words/synonyms and their usage. Practice as much as you can. Reading quality text is very important(swallowing vocab words may not help a lot).

GRE word list will help in GRE Sentence Equivalence and Text Completion questions. These type of questions are added from Aug 2011 GRE Test. We belive GRE sample questions with word usage will help you to score more!

Good Luck with your 2014 GRE exams!
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